Gold studded manicure♡



For this manicure you will require a lot of patience and a steady hand.

To begin our manicure start by having clean nails. Please excuse my nails prior to this I had fake nails which really did some damage to my nails.
After your nails are coated with a base coat begin to add a coat of your pink polish. I used Essie’s ador-a-ball which is a very basic light pink. Warning this color is very opaque, I had to use like 4 coats before I received the desired color. Before adding the gold dots, I waited for the pink polish to dry.

For the glitter studs I used Sally hansens 680 ripple effect. Using a tooth pick I picked out the bigger glitter studs. Carefully I placed the studs one by one around the edge of the nail. Repeat this step for every nail before adding a top coat to secure the studs. Then with a q-tip clean off the access polish.

Then voila gold studded nails. Which only took you forever.




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