We have been chosen…



We are so happy to be nominated for the Leibster Award by The little Scottish corner! Big thanks to her, we appreciate the recognition.


  • Place a link to the blog who nominated you on your post.
  • Write 11 facts about you.
  • Answer the 11 questions below.
  • Choose 11 bloggers other than the one that choose you and also that have under 200 followers to nominate, and let them know. 

For this competition we have to say 11 facts about us, so enjoy getting to know us a little better:)

Facts about us.

1.Favorite food.

N: Tacos, (duh i’m Mexican 🙂

D: Everything, but Mexican and Chinese are the way to my heart! 

2.Favorite movie.

N: even though i was obsessed with Breakfast at Tiffany’s, i am a Twilight girl! Go team Edward!

D: The lord of the rings trilogy, my inner nerd!!

3. Celebrity crush.

N: Bruno Mars

D: Ryan Phillipe

4.Perfect day.

N: Cloudy. spending time with my honey watching movies and drinking hoy cocoa.

D: On a beach sitting in a hammock reading a book.

5. Makeup product essential.

N: Mascara ALWAYS!

D: Eyelash curler.

6.Most funny nickname i’ve been called.

N: Meatball (by my boyfriend)

D: Monster (by my manager at work)

7. Weird thing about your body.

N: Fat feet.

D: Double Jointed.

8. Things that i’m excites for.

N: Decorating my new apartment.

D: Summer, warm weather and Game of Thrones season 4.

9. Favorite animal.

N: Koalas and pandas.

D: Owls and dogs.

10.Favorite book.

N: In the name of the rose by Umberto Eco.

D: Bell canto by Ann Patchett.

11.Random fact about yourself.

N:I enjoy watching cartoons all day.

D: I enjoy learning to ride a motorcycle.

Questions we were asked.

1. Can you remember what your first piece of make-up was?

N: clinique face powder

D: Estee Lauder black eye-liner pencil

2. Do you prefer summer or winter trends?

N&D: Summer!! (Since we live in Chicago, our short summers are cherished)

3. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?

N&D: Paris (but basically all of Europe)

4. Least favourite food?

N: liver

D: Bananas

5. Do you have any siblings and did you get along with them?

N: Yes 2 sisters, of course I love them.

D: Yes one younger sister and we take it day by day. (love hate relationship, mostly love)

6. Favourite color and least favorite color?

N: Mint or pink, and i definately hate orange!

D: Purple, and least favorite is orange.

7. Do you collect anything?

N: Before i moved here i used to collect faries, now i just buy makeup.

D: Things with Owls

8. In a years time can you still see yourself blogging?

N: Yes, blogging is something i enjoy and brings me happiness.

D: Hopefully if i have time with school.

9. Best drugstore product and best high end product?

N: Mascara Maybelline Falsies is the best! High end product would be Stila liquid eyeliner.

D: Revlon colorburst matee balm, and High end Mac mineralized skinfinish powder.

10. Signature hairstyle?

N: Straight sometimes with a braid on the side.

D: Natural, airdry waves.

11. All time favourite band of musician?

N: Jonas Brothers and Bruno Mars 🙂

D: i don’t have one, but i like EDM music.



History Fashion Culture


Le surf

Sugar and Grace

Alluring treasures


Jessica Parma Makeup Artist

Chasity Davail

The Meagan Diaries

Boheme Sprit



Questions for our nominees.

1.What is your favorite movie?

2.What is your must-have for spring?

3. If you could only have one desset for the rest of your life, what would it be?

4.What ítem is always in your makeup bag?

5.What is your current favorite clothing item?

6.Would you rather watch TV or read a book?, if so what would you watch or what would you read?

7.If you visited Chicago, what would you like to see?

8.What is your favorite thing about blogging?

9.Where are you from, and what is your favorite activity to do where you live?

10.Name your favorite Restaurant/Cafe shop.

11.What is your favorite superhero or super villain?




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