GRWM: Girls Night Out♡ Collab Post!


Watch the video here

Hello! I can’t explain how happy i am for doing this video. It is something i’ve been wanting to record for so long, and the best part is that all my bloggers friends are doing it with me.

Also i wanted to apologize for being absent, it has been a really busy week for me since i moved into a new apartment with my boyfriend. I am so happy for that!!:)

Check out these amazing girls and how great their blogs are:

1. Jacquelyng @The little scottish corner

2. Elese @ Eleseaesthete

3.Jen @Jen’s Beauty Bits
4.Brittany @Beauty Deputy

5. Sonya @Once upon a glam

I hope you enjoy my tutorial and if you want to keep watching more posts like this one, please leave a comment:)



10 thoughts on “GRWM: Girls Night Out♡ Collab Post!

  1. Hey just watched your video! Finally getting time to catch up on our collab posts! I love the naked 3 and I love the look you created! I am very tempted to start a youtube channel, i’m just nervous about actually starting!

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