Nat’s Advise #1


Hello guys! I am starting a new series called Nat’s Advise and basically is me passing some real good advise from my own experience or sometimes even from somebody else like my mom and aunts in how to deal with some situations or in another way of saying kind of a how to section.

Lately, i have been trying to relax more and enjoy life which is really important to me because i believe that a lot of illness comes from stress.

Although, i am not going to lie my life is pretty easy going, but still sometimes i have some days that i just want to come home and pamper myself. This post is my advise on what it works for me in those days.


1. Wear Comfy clothes: In particular this step is the most important, i really enjoy getting home and switch the heavy jeans for a pair of shorts and my warm fuzzy socks.


2.Face masks:

Nothing else makes me feel more relax than a nice face mask that is also going to give me a really soft skin. This mask is one of my favorites and it really makes a huge difference in my skin. All the nutrients from these three ingredients always help me in the day when my skin has gone a little bad.


3. Tea:

I am really a coffee lover but if i am in the relaxing mood i would go for my favorite cup of tea. The flavor of this tea reminds me of those nights in my grandparents house when we would have this tea before bed. It was one of my favorite things to do.


4. Burn your favorite candle:

One of the things that relaxes me is the smell of things. This candle smells like a never ending summer and it combines my two favorite fruit. Also i don’t know about you but turning the lights off and burning a candle sets a nice mood in the room.

After all these four things i would go on my couch and grab my favorite book or go on Netflix to watch some Vampire Diaries:) I am team Damon btw, does that make me bad? lol.

Thank you for your time and if you really have a busy day, give these things a try.



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