Blogtober(day 5): Homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte


Watch How to make it

Oh my God! i was so excited when i made this recipe for several reasons. First of all i am no longer spending money on buying it and second i never thought it was going to taste this good. The other day i realize how happy i am for having my own place and living with my lovely husband. I have been enjoying every second of it, the baking midnights and watching “The walking dead” while eating homemade cookies is just our favorite activity. I hope you all find moments like this in your life and have an amazing season!



Quick & Easy Hot Cocoa Recipe


During the whole winter i would usually make the instant hot cocoa mix, but i found out how easy and delicious was to make your own so i had to try it.

It really makes a huge difference on the flavor, and to be honest it took me the same time than  the instant hot cocoa mix. Try this recipe and you would never go back to the add milk one!