Blogtober(day 6): 5 ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies ♡ Gluten Free ♡


I don’t know if i told you this before but i am addicted to pinterest, i can’t remember a day without it anymore. The thing i like to do everytime i find a recipe on pinterest and i am interested on doing it, i try to recreate it with my own touch. My Hubby and I were again craving something sweet for while watching our favorite show and i thought of this recipe for 2 reasons:

1. We love peanut butter.

2. We didn’t want to spend a long time in the kitchen.

This recipe it’s so delicious that you would think that i spent a long time making them, but the truth is that these are the easiest cookies i have ever made.




Blogtober (Day 4): My top 10 September Favorites

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 1.02.14 PM

Watch the video

Hello beautiful readers, today is day 4 and i am so nervous to show you what i filmed for all of you. This is something i’ve never done before and i was so scared (in a good way) while i was filming. First of all, i am not used to speak that much in front of a camera and second i felt that i wasn’t really explaining the products. Anyway, i hope you enjoy it and it gives you a better idea of the things i enjoy and maybe you give these products a chance 🙂 Have an amazing night!


Blogtober (Day 3): Nat’s Camera Roll♡#1

Hello amazing readers! I know i probably started 3 days late but here i am doing BLOGTOBER and what this means is that i will be posting something new everyday for the month of october. The reason i thought of this is because i see bloggers doing blogmas or just any of their favorite months of the year and turns out October is my favorite month of the year.

Moving on to the post, i really enjoy taking pictures or even saving pictures from the web and pinterest so i thought of a new space on my blog where i can show you some of the pictures i keep on my camera roll. I hope you enjoy! ♡

IMG_2538The Hubby’s surprise birthday party! Showing off his new haircut:)…

IMG_0040My Best Friend is the whole world took this picture of us while skyping (since we live in a different city) I miss her so much!

IMG_0106 IMG_0251 IMG_0253

The first one is my cute little fluffy cat “Cookie” i love his innocent face in this picture. The middle one is the amazing gingerbread halloween house me and Mike (husband) made, it took us more than one hour but it was so much fun! Last is this inspirational quote that i found on pinterest and i do believe in it!

I hope you have a great day and i’ll see you tomorrow…


Nat’s Advise #1


Hello guys! I am starting a new series called Nat’s Advise and basically is me passing some real good advise from my own experience or sometimes even from somebody else like my mom and aunts in how to deal with some situations or in another way of saying kind of a how to section.

Lately, i have been trying to relax more and enjoy life which is really important to me because i believe that a lot of illness comes from stress.

Although, i am not going to lie my life is pretty easy going, but still sometimes i have some days that i just want to come home and pamper myself. This post is my advise on what it works for me in those days.


1. Wear Comfy clothes: In particular this step is the most important, i really enjoy getting home and switch the heavy jeans for a pair of shorts and my warm fuzzy socks.


2.Face masks:

Nothing else makes me feel more relax than a nice face mask that is also going to give me a really soft skin. This mask is one of my favorites and it really makes a huge difference in my skin. All the nutrients from these three ingredients always help me in the day when my skin has gone a little bad.


3. Tea:

I am really a coffee lover but if i am in the relaxing mood i would go for my favorite cup of tea. The flavor of this tea reminds me of those nights in my grandparents house when we would have this tea before bed. It was one of my favorite things to do.


4. Burn your favorite candle:

One of the things that relaxes me is the smell of things. This candle smells like a never ending summer and it combines my two favorite fruit. Also i don’t know about you but turning the lights off and burning a candle sets a nice mood in the room.

After all these four things i would go on my couch and grab my favorite book or go on Netflix to watch some Vampire Diaries:) I am team Damon btw, does that make me bad? lol.

Thank you for your time and if you really have a busy day, give these things a try.


Natalie’s Favorite Cupcakes: Rasberry


Watch how to make these delicious cupcakes here

Hello my dear readers!! If you read my blog before you must know how much i love cupcakes and also how much enjoy baking. This week i came up with the idea of starting a series on my blog called ” Favorite Cupcakes” and basically as it sounds i am going to show you how to make my favorite cupcake recipes. I choose rasberry cupcakes this week because i think that during summer we all  crave the amazing berries. I hope you enjoy it and trust me they are delicious!!!


The VERY Inspiring Blogger Award♡♡


OMG! Another award for us!! We are so happy for this, and we would like to thank the amazing Sonya from Once Upon a Glam, she is the sweetest blogger! We have done collab posts together before and we really love everything she does. Definitely go check out her blog!!

And the rules for this award are:

  • Thank and link the amazing person who nominated you
  • List the rules and display the award
  • Share seven facts about yourself
  • Nominate fifteen other amazing blogs and remember to comment on their blogs to let them know you’ve nominated them. (provide a link to your post)

This rule is optional you can proudly display the award logo anywhere on your blog e.g. on your sidebar and also follow the blogger that nominated you.


Now the fun part… Seven facts about us: ( These facts are also in our past award)

  •  Celebrity crush.

N: Bruno Mars

D: Ryan Phillipe

  • Perfect day.

N: Cloudy. spending time with my honey watching movies and drinking hoy cocoa.

D: On a beach sitting in a hammock reading a book.

  • Most funny nickname i’ve been called.

N: Meatball (by my boyfriend)

D: Monster (by my manager at work)

  •  Weird thing about your body.

N: Fat feet.

D: Double Jointed.

  • Things that i’m excites for.

N: Decorating my new apartment.

D: Summer, warm weather and Game of Thrones season 4.

  • Favorite animal.

N: Koalas and pandas.

D: Owls and dogs.

  • Makeup product essential.

N: Mascara ALWAYS!

D: Eyelash curler.

Our nominations:


Tony &  Kelly of Sunflowers& Lace 

Scarleth of Helloscar

Sam of  Little Beauty Buddha

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Jasmine of Kuuleilani


I hope all of you guys enjoy it as much as we did!!




April Favorites♥♥


1. Aveeno Daily moisturizing.

2.i.d. Bare minerals

3.Green tea súper fruit Lipton

4. Paint Pot Mac shade: Chilled on ice

5. Pandora Bracelet


1. Brush Make up forever

2. Fit me Foundation Maybelline

3. Coco cafe drink

4. Warm me up lipstick Maybelline


1. Homemade Iced Coffee

Finally, our monthly favorites is here! We thought that it would be best if we divided each most top favorites for this month, but also include something we have been sharing in taste lately.

The thing we love the most about doing this post is that we get to see how products come and go. Some of them stay our favorites for more than one month and some just never come back to be our most current used ítem.