Blogtober (Day 4): My top 10 September Favorites

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Hello beautiful readers, today is day 4 and i am so nervous to show you what i filmed for all of you. This is something i’ve never done before and i was so scared (in a good way) while i was filming. First of all, i am not used to speak that much in front of a camera and second i felt that i wasn’t really explaining the products. Anyway, i hope you enjoy it and it gives you a better idea of the things i enjoy and maybe you give these products a chance 🙂 Have an amazing night!



Blogtober (Day 3): Nat’s Camera Roll♡#1

Hello amazing readers! I know i probably started 3 days late but here i am doing BLOGTOBER and what this means is that i will be posting something new everyday for the month of october. The reason i thought of this is because i see bloggers doing blogmas or just any of their favorite months of the year and turns out October is my favorite month of the year.

Moving on to the post, i really enjoy taking pictures or even saving pictures from the web and pinterest so i thought of a new space on my blog where i can show you some of the pictures i keep on my camera roll. I hope you enjoy! ♡

IMG_2538The Hubby’s surprise birthday party! Showing off his new haircut:)…

IMG_0040My Best Friend is the whole world took this picture of us while skyping (since we live in a different city) I miss her so much!

IMG_0106 IMG_0251 IMG_0253

The first one is my cute little fluffy cat “Cookie” i love his innocent face in this picture. The middle one is the amazing gingerbread halloween house me and Mike (husband) made, it took us more than one hour but it was so much fun! Last is this inspirational quote that i found on pinterest and i do believe in it!

I hope you have a great day and i’ll see you tomorrow…