Blogtober (Day 4): My top 10 September Favorites

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Hello beautiful readers, today is day 4 and i am so nervous to show you what i filmed for all of you. This is something i’ve never done before and i was so scared (in a good way) while i was filming. First of all, i am not used to speak that much in front of a camera and second i felt that i wasn’t really explaining the products. Anyway, i hope you enjoy it and it gives you a better idea of the things i enjoy and maybe you give these products a chance 🙂 Have an amazing night!



Tutorial: Purple Eyes

purple eyes

Watch the tutorial here

I’ve been trying to make a tutorial on this look since the first day i started blogging, but somehow i always end it up doing something else. I really like how it gives a glamorous eye look, and the best thing about it is that you don’t have to mix a million of eyeshadows to create it.


Long-Lasting Makeup Tips & Favorite Primers ♡

I am a girl who loves to spend even hours doing my makeup, but what really bothers me is that at the end of the night it looks like i need to redo it again.

Even though i use really effective primers, i needed it something else. I spent the whole week doing some research about easy ways to make your makeup last longer and i found 4 ways to do it with things i already owned.


1. Clean face:

The first step before you do your make up is to have a clean face. I personally recomend exfoliating it because it cleans your pores deeply.


2. Rub ice on your face:

I read that helps to close the pores, and gives your face a more softer look. I honestly can say that it’s one of my favorites. I feel that it does the same thing as the Porefessional primer by Benefit.


3. Two Coats of Mascara:

The key on this step is to let the first coat to dry completely before applying the second one. In my case it makes my eyelashes look more natural and they are hard as rocks!


4.Conceal your lips:

I have no idea why it works, but it’s really worth to try this tip. I can also say that it makes my lipsticks look brighter, and my lips bolder.


I have a three face concealers that i truly can’t live without them. The first one which is the Stay Flawless 15-hr Primer by Benefit, can make your skin feel a little sticky at first, but the tip on how to use it is to apply it and then apply your foundation right before it dries.

The second one is an eye shadow primer by Too Faced. I’ve tried so many before, but i can say that this one is my all time favorite.

The last one is the best out of all. Just by applying i think my skin looks flawless, and really minimizes your pores.